Two new products in our post rock store + free shiping

November 15th, 2010

Two new mugs designs:
 Two new products in our post rock store + free shiping | postrock | post rock

+ Free shipping! Use Code: FREESHIPFORU

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    Secrecy is the first essential in affairs of the State. (c) Cardinal Richelieu

    Our Mission
    You might have some evil-wishers, who want to tap you and control your every move. They even might be doing this right now.
    We offer to encrypt all your personal and business correspondence in messengers and social networks at the highest level and also to encrypt all your conversations and make your navigation not possible to be trailed.
    KRIPT is the system, which allows providing the privacy of the Internet traffic, instant messaging, and social networks encryption.
    KRIPT uses a three-leveled encryption to provide the highest level of confidentiality of the transferring information.

    Sources of information leak

    *Your Internet service provider (ISP)
    *History storing on the servers of services of instant messaging exchange (Skype, Yahoo) and mail services (Google, Yandex)
    *Public Wi-Fi networks
    *Viruses and malware

    VPN traffic encryption
    Kript encrypts and redirects the internet traffic through the secured r-VPN servers saving your right to privacy of personal life and protecting you from hackers and censorship.
    Available access in 12 countries: United States, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Netherlands, Canada, Hong Kong (offshore), Russia, Isle of Man (offshore), Italy, France, Spain, Chile

    Access to blocked networks
    Kript allows using the blocked networks like Pandora, Hulu, Netflix, BBC iPlayer and others which are not available outside its country. IP-adress is your online-passport. With us all sites and services, that you visit, will see the IP-address of our servers instead of your IP. Kript gives you an opportunity to choose your internet citizenship.

    PGP – messaging encryption
    Kript has a built-in messenger for exchanging of instant messages. All messages are encrypted with 2048-bites PGP keys and transfer through the secured channel SSL. In this way it prevents the interception of communications from the outside.

    PGP- Email encryption
    Kript allows exchanging emails, which are signed and encrypted with PGP. Version for OS MacOSX is available at the moment.

    PGP – Facebook encryption
    Kript allows exchanging encrypted messages in the largest social network Facebook. Now your messaging could not be scanned or censored!

    Visit KRIPT: hxxps://
    Visit RTP SERVICE: hxxps://
    Follow us on Facebook: hxxps://

    KRIPT - Encryption without compromise!

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